Music By Memory

I play guitar, bass, and drums.
I dig the following:
Kings of Leon, U2, Counting Crows, Rocky Votolato, Oasis, Noel Gallagher,
Blues, Jam Bands, Acoustic, 90s hip hop
Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Justified, Modern Family Scrubs, That 70s Show
I love the English language
I write songs & poetry

"Flamingo"—Brandon Flowers

This album is so amazing. When it first came out, I decided to download it from iTunes, but I never really gave it a great listen. It sounded like The Killers, which I love, but then again, it really didn’t. There was definitely more of a theatrical feel to it and I wasn’t sure I loved it yet. I mean, it was a good album and I loved the single “Crossfire”. That song actually always reminded me of my girlfriend at the time, now ex. But I recently started listening to it again and wow is it good. I love the first track “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas”. The song has such a unique and catchy sound. It captures all of the emotion of Las Vegas; it’s exciting, it’s slow, it’s got an extra beat, it’s big, it’s everything Las Vegas is! I listened to that song as I was landing in Vegas around last October and it really set me up for an amazing time in Vegas. 

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